Trellian Affiliate Program

The Trellian Affiliate Program offers all affiliates and partners an ability to profit from a broad range of award winning promotional, ecommerce, graphical, search/utility software tools and services.

Our products and promotional services help to aid small and large businesses that are new to, or rely heavily upon the Internet. Affiliates earn up to 15% commission from all sales, and enjoy the added benefit of residual income from some of the services.
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How Does it Work?

Whenever anyone clicks on a link or banner placed on your web site, a cookie containing your unique account ID will be used to mark the user for the next 12 months. If this person makes a purchase from Trellian, or from any of the other participating sites, you will be credited with the sale and paid a 15% commission.


If a visitor to your site clicks on our banner or link, and purchases the Trellian SEO Toolkit US$299.95 (at any time within twelve months), we will pay you US$44.99

Residual Income

When a referral from your site signs up for an ongoing service such as eComm Store, Web Hosting, or the Priority Submit program, you will also receive a commission from all ongoing and renewal fees. This provides an opportunity to build a stable, residual income.


Accounts are settled at the end every second Month. If your total due is under $100, the outstanding amount will be carried over to the next accounting period and paid once you have accumulated $100 in sales, or when the account is closed.

How do I Join?

Joining the Trellian Affiliate Program is FREE. Simply create an account by filling in this form. We will email you your account ID, and a sample of the HTML code to insert into your page. It is that simple.

Affiliate Program Products and Services:

The Trellian Affiliate Program covers the following products, sites, software and services with a one unique and easy to implement partner account:

Trellian Software

Our award winning web site promotion software can dramatically increase your web site traffic. Submit your web site details to over 500,000 Search engines and Directories.

Includes: Submitwolf | SEO Toolkit
..and many more award winning, and highly acclaimed products. Click Here for a full list.
Trellian Softwares


Earn recurring revenues by promoting the popular keyword research tool. It all start with keywords, so every website owner is an ideal customer.

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Competitive Intelligence

Earn recurring revenues by promoting the valuable Trellian Competitive Intelligence solution that every online business could benefit from.

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Competitive Intelligence

Priority Submit

Trellian has formed a strategic alliance with InfoSpace, Kanoodle, FindWhat, whatUseek, WebWombat, Slider and the Overture Site Match network, which provides over 82 million searches per day. This includes sites such as AllTheWeb, Overture, Yahoo! and many others.

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Priority Submit

Toolbar Browser

Earn recurring revenues by promoting the ToolbarBrowser, a free Toolbar Authoring and Management tool. Combine all your favorite toolbar features into one super toolbar.

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Toolbar Browser is a professional web site promotion service. Our business with is to increase your visibility on the Internet and drive more people to your web site.

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Earn 5% recurring revenues by promoting the popular Monetization AutoPilot tool that increases parked domains payouts from parking companies.

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